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1. Abbreviation and information

1.1. The official abbreviation of Baltic States Tree Climbing Championship 2018 (hereinafter - Championship) is “BSTCC 2018”.

1.2. All confirmed information relating to the Championship is available on the official website of the Championship - http://www.kokiem.lv/bstcc/ (hereinafter - Championship website).

2. Goals and objectives

2.1. Inform community about tree care industry, its significance, standards and best practices as well as the workday of an arborist.

2.2. Promote arborist trade as a professional choice, active and healthy lifestyle, and sport.

2.3. Further the mastery and professional growth of arborists of the Baltic States.

2.4. Facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge among arborists of the Baltic States and Europe.

2.5. Determine the best arborists-sportsmen of the Baltic States.

2.6. Determine the arborists of the Baltic States who earn the right to compete in European Tree Climbing Championship.

3. Date, location and organizer

3.1. Championship is held from July 19 till July 21, 2018 in the territory of Bulduri Horticulture School - Viestura 6, Jurmala, Latvia, LV-2010 (hereinafter – Championship location).

3.2. Championship is organized by Latvian Arboriculture Society (hereinafter – Organizer).

4. Competitors

4.1. Championship is open for arborists from the Baltic States and other countries, as well as other enthusiasts skilled in secure tree climbing using ropes and equipment (hereinafter - Competitors).

4.2. On the first day of the Championship (July 19, 2018) Competitors have to be at least 18 years old.

4.3. When applying for the Championship, Competitors affirm being compliant with Championship regulations.

4.4. When registering on the first day of the Championship, each Competitor affirms with a signature that he has read and understood Championship regulations and all documents relating to it, and during Championship is fully responsible for own health and actions at Championship location and outside of it.

5. Championship format and rules

5.1. Championship is held outdoors, making use of living trees, imitating work environment.

5.2. Championship is an international and open competition held in coordination with International Society of Arboriculture (hereinafter – ISA) and under its supervision.

5.3. Championship follows the most current available version of the ISA approved rule book of The International Tree Climbing Championship Rules (hereinafter – ITCC rules), which is available on website http://www.itcc-isa.com/rulesregulations/rules.

5.4. Organizer is not responsible to provide access to ITCC rules to Competitors. It is the obligation of each Competitor to independently read and understand ITCC rules.

5.5. Organizer reserves the rights to make additional rules and rulings as well as modify ITCC rules to ensure the safety of Competitors, judges, volunteers, and the public.

6. Championship schedule

6.1. On the first day of the Championship (19 July, 2018):

  • arrival and registration of Competitors,
  • demonstration of preliminary events to Competitors,
  • Competitors' equipment inspection.

6.2. On the second day of the Championship (20 July, 2018):

  • opening of the Championship,
  • competition in preliminary events (hereinafter - Events):

          - Work Climb,

          - Aerial Rescue,

          - Throwline,

          - Ascent,

          - Belayed Speed Climb.

6.3. On the third day of the Championship (21 July, 2018):

  • Masters' Challenge,
  • awards ceremony.

7. Scoring and awarding

7.1. Scoring is done in accordance with ITCC rules and guidelines, which are available on website http://www.itcc-isa.com/rules-scoring.

7.2. During Events Competitors accumulate points based on their performance. Each Event has a set amount of maximum points that can be accumulated: Work Climb (80 points), Aerial Rescue (50 points), Throwline (30 points), Ascent (25 points), Speed Climb (15 points).

7.3. In the case of identical amount of accumulated points, the Competitor who has had the best performance in the Events which have the highest amount of maximum points that can be accumulated takes a higher place.

7.4. The Competitors in women's and men's groups who have accumulated the most points in Events compete in Masters' Challenge. Organizer determines the number of Competitors in each group who compete in Masters' Challenge based on their performance and as much as possible ensuring representation from all the Baltic States.

7.5. The Competitors in women's and men's groups who have accumulated the most points in Masters' Challenge become the winners of the Championship.

7.6. The winners of the Championship receive diplomas and prizes.

7.7. The winners of the Championship who represent any of the Baltic States earn the right for the next three years to compete and represent their country in European Tree Climbing Championship.

7.8. Organizer may award Competitors additional encouragement prizes as well as special prizes.

7.9. The confirmed scores of the Championship are available at Championship location within two hours of the closing of Events or Masters' Challenge and are published on Championship website.

8. Equipment

8.1. Competitors provide themselves with the equipment they will use in the Championship.

8.2. On the first day of the Championship Organizer provides an inspection of the equipment of each Competitor according to the guidelines of ISA and ITCC rules (hereafter – Inspection). At the time specified by Organizer it is the responsibility of each Competitor to submit for Inspection all the equipment that he will use during the Championship.

8.3. The Competitors who compete in Masters' Challenge may submit additional equipment for Inspection at the time specified by Organizer.

8.4. Organizer provides Inspection of the equipment of each judge and each volunteer, who will be working at height, before its use during the Championship or its set-up.

8.5. During the Championship or its set-up only equipment that has passed the Inspection and meets all security requirements may be brought in and used in the demarcated Event safety zones by Competitors and judges.

8.6. It is the obligation of each Competitor, judge and volunteer, who will be working at height, to independently read, understand and take under advisement the safety warnings and advisories published by ISA concerning the equipment used in Championship. The safety warnings and advisories are available on website http://www.itcc-isa.com/rulesregulations/advisories.

8.7. Any person who enters any of the demarcated Event safety zones must at all times wear appropriate footwear and clothing as well as eye and head protection that meets safety standards.

8.8. Competitors are advised to wear gloves, close-fitting long trousers and long sleeved shirt.

8.9. Each Competitor's number has to be affixed to his helmet.

9. Application and participation fee

9.1. Application for the Championship is possible starting from 12:00 of March 1, 2018 by filling in the online application form on Championship website.

9.2. Application is open till 15:00 of July 17, 2018. Organizer reserves the right to close the application and stop registering Competitors before the set time.

9.3. Participation fee for one Competitor is determined by the time of application:

  • Early: 60 EUR – if application is done till 24:00 of May 31, 2018;
  • Regular: 75 EUR – if application is done from June 1, 2018 till 24:00 of June 30, 2018;
  • Late: 90 EUR – if application is done after June 30, 2018.

9.4. Competitor has to complete the payment of participation fee within seven days of application date or invoice date, otherwise the Competitor has to do a repeat application.

9.5. Competitor is registered for the Championship at the moment when the Competitor's participation fee has been received in the bank account indicated by Organizer.

9.6. If a Competitor, who is registered for the Championship, renounces participation:

  • before June 1, 2018 – 50% of the participation fee is refunded;
  • starting from June 1, 2018 – participation fee is not refunded.

9.7. If a Competitor, who is registered for the Championship, renounces participation but appoints another previously unregistered competitor in his place, Organizer will register the new competitor only if he complies with Championship regulations. In this case, the participation fee previously paid by the Competitor will be transferred to the new competitor. Otherwise, it is assumed that the previously registered Competitor has renounced participation.

9.8. Participation fee covers the costs of preparation and management of the Championship, of the work of judges, provision of medical aid and security at Championship location, manufacturing costs of Competitors' shirts and other organizational costs.

10. Sponsorship and advertising

10.1. The terms and conditions of sponsorship of the Championship as well as the placement of advertising and trading places at Championship location are defined by "Baltic States Tree Climbing Championship 2018 Sponsorship Rules".

10.2. Any type of advertising activities at Championship location not coordinated with the Organizer is prohibited During the Championship. Upon detection of such violation, the Organizer has the right to apply the offender a penalty of 800 EUR and the offender is obliged to pay it.

11. Additional information

11.1. Organizer provides access to toilets, showers, drinking water and professional medical aid at Championship location.

11.2. Organizer ensures compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law.

11.3. Any additional information that has not been mentioned in Championship regulations is available on Championship website.

11.4. Organizer reserves the right to amend Championship regulations publishing all information on these amendments on Championship website.

11.5. Contact and bank account details of the Organizer:

Name: Latvijas Kokkopju-Arboristu biedrība 
Registration No.: 40008129058
Address:Oškalna 2-7, Ērgļi, LV-4840, Latvija
Bank name:AS “SEB banka”
E-mail: bstcc2018@gmail.com
Championship website:http://www.kokiem.lv/bstcc/

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