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  1. Baltic States Tree Climbing Championship 2018 (hereinafter – Championship) sponsorship rules define the terms and conditions of sponsorship of the Championship as well as the placement of advertising and trading places at Championship location.

  2. Championship is organized by Latvian Arboriculture Society (hereinafter – Organizer).

  3. Championship is held from July 19 till July 21, 2018 in the territory of Bulduri Horticulture School - Viestura 6, Jurmala, Latvia, LV-2010 (hereinafter – Championship location). The location and time of the Championship are shared with its partner event – the widely visited annual floriculture and horticulture festival “Flower Show”

  4. The estimated number of Championship competitors – 50, number of present tree care industry representatives - 300, total number of visitors of the Championship and the festival "Flower Show" - 15 000. The countries represented in the Championship will include Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, other EU countries, as well as CIS countries.

  5. Any person or legal person who makes a payment or provides goods or services (hereinafter - Support) to the Organizer with the aim of supporting the Championship can become a sponsor of the Championship (hereinafter - Sponsor).

  6. Sponsors have the opportunity to address and introduce their brand, goods or services to professional arborists from the Baltic States and other countries, companies working in tree care and horticulture industries, enthusiasts of these fields and other visitors.

  7. As a gratitude for the provided Support, in accordance with the Sponsor categories and advertising conditions set out in Appendix 1 to these rules, Sponsors obtain the right to be promoted as Sponsors of the Championship as well as to deploy advertising banners, posters, flags and other materials (hereinafter - Promotional materials) and to display and trade goods or services at the time and location of the Championship.

  8. The Amount of Support specified in Appendix 1 is calculated by adding together the payments received in Organizer's bank account from the Sponsor, payments made by the Sponsor to other persons and goods or services provided by the Sponsor for the support of the Championship.

  9. There can be several Main sponsors of the Championship.

  10. If necessary, Organizer signs Sponsorship agreements with Sponsors.

  11. Organizer signs Event installation agreement with each Event installer specifying his duties and deadlines for their completion. The Event installer shall, within his possibilities, provide the main judge and additional judges for the installed event.

  12. Organizer signs Trading place rental agreement with each Trader specifying the area of the rented place. The smallest possible rented area is 9 m2 . The rental price of the trading place for all three Championship days is 18 EUR/m2 (excluding VAT). The location of each trading place is determined by Organizer, as far as possible taking into account the wishes of the Trader.

  13. Support must be delivered to Organizer within 10 days from the date of the signed or verbal agreement or at another time agreed with Organizer, but not later than by July 18, 2018.

  14. The placement of the logos of Sponsors on printed materials and publications is determined by Organizer. The Sponsor category and Amount of Support of each Sponsor determines the size of this Sponsor's logo compared to the sizes of logos of other Sponsors.

  15. Promotional materials and their placement are coordinated with each Sponsor. Sponsors shall, within their possibilities, carry out the placement and distribution of their Promotional materials at Championship location. When placing Promotional materials, safety of competitors and visitors is first taken into account, then the instructions of Organizer and after that - the wishes of Sponsors and other factors. Sponsors ensure the removal of their Promotional materials within 2 hours after the Championship awards ceremony.

  16. Support is voluntary and can only be used to ensure the organization, management and course of the Championship as well as to prepare and equip the venue. Championship is not associated with religion or politics and Support cannot be used for religious or political purposes.

  17. Organizer has the right to reject any offer of Support without any explanation if the offer does not comply with Championship regulations or the articles of association of Latvian Arboriculture Society.

  18. Organizer and Sponsors shall comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

  19. Contact and bank account details of the Organizer:

Name:Latvijas Kokkopju-Arboristu biedrība 
Registration No.: 40008129058
Address:Oškalna 2-7, Ērgļi, LV-4840, Latvija 
Bank name: AS "SEB banka"
IBAN: LV22UNLA0050012291228
E-mail:  bstcc2018@gmail.com
Webpage: http://www.kokiem.lv/bstcc/ 

Annex 1  

Sponsor categories and advertising conditions

Sponsor category

Amount of support

Placement of logo

Display or distribution of goods / informative materials

Total advertising area at Championship location

Main sponsor

Provides the main support for the Championship and the final event

From 2000 EUR

- shirts
- banner
- posters, brochures
- other advertisements
- website
- diplomas
- demarcation tapes

During the whole time of the Championship

Not limited – coordinated with Organizer

(at the places of all preliminary events, final event and their awards)

Event sponsor

Supports any of the preliminary events

From 1000 EUR

- shirts
- banner
- posters, brochures
- website
- diplomas

During the awards of the sponsored event

Additionally – as agreed with the Organizer

Up to 10 m2

(only at the place of sponsored event and its awards)

Event installer

Sets up any of the preliminary events or the final event

Prepares the place, sets up and removes the event

- shirts
- banner
- posters, brochures
- website
- diplomas

As agreed with the Organizer

Up to  4 m2

(only at the place of installed event and its awards)


Supports the Championship as a whole

From 300 EUR

- shirts
- banner
- posters, brochures
- website

As agreed with the Organizer

Up to  0,5 m2

(only at the place indicated by Organizer)


Small, but valued support

Up to 300 EUR

- website

As agreed with the Organizer

Not allowed


Sets up a trading place during the Championship

18 EUR/m2

(minimum area 9 m2)


Within the area of the trading place

Advertising of only one company or brand (within the area of the trading place)

Arboriculture societies of Baltic States

Takes part in Championship organization

Provides at least 3 volunteer judges

- banner
- posters, brochures
- website

Placement of informative materials at the Championship information center

Not allowed

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